Registrations, bookings, donations and so much more!

Kamper equips your organization with all the necessary tools to run day-to-day.
Online registration is just the tip of the iceburg.

About Us

Kamper's primary goal was to create an easy-to-use registration platform for both the parents and office administration. Over time, we have continued to develop more tools that an organization needs to run on a daily basis.

For Parents

Each parent has access to their own account where they manage their personal information with only a couple clicks.

For Administration

With the option of creating specifc role access, admin accounts can be moderated to keep your information secure.

For Staff

Allow staff to login to their account and only see information related to them. No need to give them admin access.

Make it your own.

  • Embed Kamper on your website.
  • Customize emails and receipts.
  • Unlimited admin and staff accounts.
  • Live updates to keep your information current.


At Kamper, we like to build tools that help you grow your business. By working alongside camps, we are able to prioritize features that you need to keep running strong.


Easily search and keep track of all your user accounts. View contact information as well as previous registrations, donations, payments, bookings, etc.


Operations has lots of useful tools to help you day-to-day. From creating tasks to reporting tools, there are features you may just find useful.


Add customers, create custom invoices and manage your discounts. This suite of tools has been developed to help you keep everything in one place.


Every organization is different. We can work with you to build something specific to help your organization grow in the direction you are looking for.

What some of our clients have shared.

We work closely with each organization to help them get familiar with Kamper and learn the tools to help their organization operate.

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